“My two granddaughters are LOVING the music lessons and I’ve been very pleased with Allegro. Our instructor possesses infinite patience and is also a stickler for proper technique and form which is critical at the start. You have a winning organization. Thank you.”
— Carol

“The girls are greatly enjoying their lessons. The instructor has great enthusiasm and we look forward to the year! Allegro teachers have always been top notch.”
— Abby

“We started lessons just 6 months ago with Allegro,and my twins love it! They are developing a love of music which self-motivates them to practice without being told. Allegro provides a supportive and caring teaching program that encourages them to learn. Many thanks!”
— Arlene

"Excellent instructors, great recitals, one of which benefiting the student and community. Great choice for learning an instrument."
— Christian

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